Conflict Resolution

Hosted by Butterfoot Life Coaching

  • Would you like help developing a strategy for addressing a specific conflict in your life?
  • Are you unclear about what the conflict is even about?
  • Do you wish you had someone to brainstorm options with?
  • Would it help to not feel alone and have people to get feedback from?

Why is conflict so hard to address?

  • When emotions such as anger, frustration and resentment are felt, it’s often difficult to think and behave rationally.
  • Our natural tendency is to escape or avoid difficult situations. The easiest thing to do when confronted with conflict may be to pretend we don’t notice and hope that it will go away on its own. 
  • We are positively reinforced for being passive, minimizing or agreeable.
  • We fear damaging relationships, of being viewed as the trouble maker, or worry our reputation will be damaged.

Avoiding conflict isn’t an option.

Avoiding conflict may serve us well in the short-term, but can lead to bigger problems if left unaddressed. While avoidance may bring short-term relief to our anxiety, it leaves the conflict unresolved. This can worsen or complicate the conflict. Unfortunately, resolving conflict can be tricky as well. Handled improperly, attempts at conflict resolution can actually make the conflict worse. Some of the impact unresolved and prolonged conflict has on us are:

  • A negative impact on health and longevity. Anger speeds up one’s heart rate and raises blood pressure. As this occurs over a length of time, it causes wear and tear on the heart, raising the risk for life-threatening cardiovascular problems.
  • Women experience steep rises in hormone levels after arguments occurred, as they thought about and relived the arguments. The resulting psychological stress in turn weakened their immune systems and made them more susceptible to viral infections.
  • Exhaustion and work at sub-optimal levels.
  • Conflict elicits stress, a self-defense mechanism against harmful elements in our world. Chronic stress can lead to psychological problems, including anxiety disorders and depression.
  • Stress borne from conflict can make people feel distrust, anger, anxiety and fear, which in turn can harm relationships at home and at work.
  • Poor decision-making due to poor communication

Is this coaching group right for you? It may be if:

  • There is a specific conflict you want to address and resolve by the end of the coaching experience.
  • You are ready to put in the work to incorporate the tools and support you will receive to address the conflict.
  • You value group support and are willing to engage with your team in a positive and encouraging way.
  • You would like accountability for following through on your intentions.

What you will get from group coaching.

  • Peace of mind from finally resolving the conflict in your life!
  • A small group so that everyone has opportunity to engage.
  • One weekly group online training.
  • A private forum for questions & support.
  • Guidelines to make conflict resolution more simple and less stressful.
  • Reading material and homework.
  • There will be a bonus for participants who follow through to the end.

Date and times.

  • August 9, 16, 23 and 30th at 6:00 pm MT/8:00 pm ET
  • There will be a fun pre-meeting so we can get to know each other before the group officially starts. Date yet to be determined.
  • Group size will be smaller than 10 for optimal time and attention to each individual.

Your Hosts

 Geralyn Giorgio

Geralyn Giorgio

Geralyn is the owner of 3R Health Coaching, LLC: Recover. Rediscover. Recreate. She holds a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University and is a Certified Professional Coach and Recovery Coach, with a specialization in Health & Wellness. She holds multiple coaching certifications, including those in Coaching, Addiction, Food, Nutrition, and Fitness through the Addictions Academy, as well as the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is certified in Mental Health First Aid and CPR/AED/First Aid.


 Robin Mullins Senger

Robin Mullins Senger

Robin is the owner of Butterfoot Life Coaching, LLC: empowering men and women who have experienced a toxic relationship to recognize their value and potential, identify their goals, and move toward their dreams. Through her articles, book, course and coaching, she has spent the past decade helping others overcome toxic relationships and implement strategies for creating lasting peace and joyful living. Her first book, God Hates Abuse: Abuse and the Doctrine of Headship and Submission offers a lifeline out of the darkness of abuse and spiritual condemnation that wives of “Christian” men often feel bound to. It’s available for free through her non-profit God Hates Abuse Project. You can get the book and learn more at